Partnering for Mutual Added Value

One of the primary keys to long-term success is effective partnering. VADO Security One Way Data Diode seeks new common ground on which to build partnerships and works hand-in-hand with new partners to optimize and enhance relationships.

Growing together with Channel Partners

VADO Security One Way Data Diode realizes that our channel partners' success is our success and that together, we can reach farther, faster, and deeper into lucrative security markets. That's why we and our strategically positioned distributors are combining efforts to provide security solutions to organizations and enterprises worldwide.  VADO Security recognizes that each of our partners contributes a unique added value or enhancement to our core solutions, and we work together with you to identify advantages, tailor programs, and leverage your knowledge to help you grow sales.

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OEM Partner Program

VADO One Way© Data Diode Rebrand allows partners to quickly generate revenues by building a Data Diode solution that leverages their brand and identity. Partners can easily create Data Diode solutions to complement their existing products and provide a broader portfolio of products to offer their customers. Since their customers may be familiar with their existing products, partners can easily generate addition revenue with minimal investment and technology costs. Besides the Data Diode, partners may choose a specific trailered package.


For more information about partnering with VADO Security, contact us now!


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