VADO Data Diode

 VADO One Way Data Diode 

Secured One Way Data Diode appliance between Networks

The VADO One Way© Data Diode appliance is designed to allow unidirectional data transfer from various networks (e.g., Internet and Intranet), to highly secured "red" networks that must be physically detached from other networks for security reasons, such as R&D and production systems in the defense industry.

The VADO One Way© Data Diode appliance is a fiber optic-based channel using an optical diode, allowing unidirectional flow of data from public networks to secured networks while data flow in the opposite direction is physically impossible.

Since the security is based on a physical barrier, and reverse flow is blocked at the physical level no one can reverse the data flow, and data can never pass back to the public networks.

The VADO One Way© 
Data Diode appliance system consists of two units; a TX send only unit and a RX receive only unit. The units are connected with a single fiber unidirectional optical channel.

The big advantage of the VADO One Way© Data Diode system is that it allows real-time optic data transfer of both files and data streams, making common practices, such as copying data to CD's and USB devices and feeding it manually to the secured network, superfluous.


VADO One Way
 File Transfer 
VADO One Way file transfer allows secure transfer of any type of file or folder, including emails, software updating files, FTP etc.  
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VADO Remote Screen View  
VADO One Way© Data Diode Remote Screen View, securly  transfer screens from a secured network to a non-secured network using the VADO One Way Data Diode
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VADO Anti-Virus Updater  
All anti-virus software relies on frequent updates of the virus signature dictionary and database, which is the only way to ensure optimum protection from newly released computer viruses and .malware  
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