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Unidirectional Gateway Solutions

VADO One Way Secure Unidirectional Gateway Solutions 

VADO facilitates Secure Connectivity for Enterprise Networks. this is done by creating a unidirectional data transfer connection between Domains. Domains (Networks) that must be detached from each other for security reasons, yet do need to transfer information, such as Critical National Infrastructure, Government & Homeland Security, Oil & Gas, Chemical  & Pharmaceutical, etc.

All of VADO Agents can be installed on full OS Virtual Machine. No need for NIC attachment to the OS, so that the Agents can be connected to the network and no to the physical machine on which the agent is installed (the way competitors do). In case High Availability is implied, it is done perfectly and easily.
The VADO One Way© SecureCross Domain appliance, is a fiber optic-based channel, allowing unidirectional flow of data from public networks to secure networks while data flow in the opposite direction is physically impossible.

Since the security is based on a physical barrier, and reverse flow is blocked at the physical level no one can reverse the data flow, and data can never pass back to the public networks.

The VADO One Way© Unidirectional Gateway consists of two units; a TX "send only" unit and an RX "receive only" unit. The units are connected with a single fiber unidirectional optical channel.
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