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Proven Technology

100% hack proof Technology

for all 100 Mb & 1G systems

Log Management

System Action Logs & File transfer logs.

Sent via Email, Syslog or File

User Interface

Central & Intuitive User Interface 

Data Transfer Reliability

Reliability of Data transfer
with unique ERD system

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Virtual Machine Support

OS Virtual Machine Support

for all Software Agents

(No Change at Hardware Level)

Windows OS Support

Works with all Windows OS (32,64), Server or PC & VM

(Patent Pending)

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High Availability

High Availability for all

Data Diode Agents & Hardware

Pre & Post Send Scripts Option

Ability to Activate Scripts on Files
Pre/Post Send/Receive Per Channel


Ability to use Multi-Agents on One Server

With One Hardware System

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No File Size Limits

Transfer any File Size or Type

XML Filtering

Built in XML Schema Filtering

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Files Filter

Filter Files by Type or Size

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