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Unidirectional Gateway  Hardware

Go Strong with 1G
VADO is a manufacturer of data diode  & Unidirectional Gateway systems. The VADO diode is composed of hardware & software (called "agents"). The hardware diode is composed of a TX hardware unit and an RX hardware unit. The units are connected to servers on each side via Ethernet cables and connected to each other (TX to RX) via a single fiber optic cable.
  • Ability to scale up. By using a 1G  hardware, you have the ability to upscale your current uses such as moving more files in shorter time, add more sources and destinations etc.
  • Ability to add more Agents to the same hardware. For example add Syslog & SMTP & SNMP using a single 1G hardware with multiple Agents - You pay only for the extra Agents.
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