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Are $1612 or $155 Data Diode Reliable?

earching the internet for affordable data diodes, it is easy to come across the $1612 data diode (or the $155 one), showing how it is possible to establish a one-way connection in lab conditions. Unarguably it is defiantly possible to set up such a connection, yet, will it work in real-life scenarios.

The implantation according to the descriptions in the blogs show the only thing made is the technical ability to move a file from one computer to the other neglecting for example:

- Remote folders

- Log

- Diode throughput


- Diode Agents reliability

- Agents capabilities beyond moving a file (or files)

- Working on full VM etc...

It is hard to see which client will be willing to install the systems described in a production site. Interesting enough no article describes any data loss or system failures they encountered.

I imagine the author of the $1612 aimed at showing whey data diodes should not be so expensive, and I have to say in this matter we do see eye to eye.

To sum it all up, it is defiantly possible to build a cheap diode, buy you get what you pay for in this case, a low costing diode with no reliability, and probably very low abilities, defiantly not on to implement in any production site of sort.

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